Product Design


Web Designer

As part of Sony's Global Web Team our mission was to create a cohesive shopping experience for our customers by consolidating regional web properties in 110 countries and 30 languages into a single platform with a globally shared backend, CMS, and responsive design system.

The Sony Design System did not rely on rigid page templates. Instead, we created a flexible system of modules that could easily be rearranged and customized, per page. Our system consisted of a carefully designed library of interaction patterns and content layouts, that could seamlessly stack and rearrange on a page.

The module system is extensive and included every imaginable variation.

One key aspect of the Sony design system was to support multi-screen browsing experiences. The challenge in this task was strategically designing system level flexibility into components and modules that could react to devices and screen sizes. It was just as important to support a viewing experience on touch devices as it was on the desktop.

Design direction for Sony meant appealing to the cultures and needs of the entire globe. Our web product served 110 different countries and was translated into 30 languages. We strove for universal appeal with design, experience, and content while customizing per locale as required.

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